Structural Insulated Panel System
for residential and commerical construction.

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Welcome to Cleveland SIPS™, manufacturer of Structural Insulated Panel Systems (SIPS) for residential and commercial construction.

Our unique structural panel system combines galvanized steel and EPS foam to provide the design flexibility that architects want, the structural reliability that engineers need, the competitive advantage that builders bank on, and the energy savings that knowledgeable customers demand.

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Cleveland SIPS makes sense! Here's why...

  • Streamlined - Pre-routed electrical and plumbing chases make rough-in a breeze
  • Universal - Excellent performance in all climate zones means streamlined design and engineering
  • Reliable - EPS foam is dimensionally stable, water resistant, mold, resistant contains no food value for insects or rodents.
  • Affordable - Cleveland SIPS panels provide a lower overall cost per square foot. compared to stick-built construction at an equivalent R-value
  • Recyclable - Galvanized steel and EPS foam are 100% recyclable 
  • Fast - Jobsite assembly is significantly faster than stick-built construction resulting in shorter build times
  • Precise - Precision engineering provides straight walls, square corners, and precise window and door openings
  • Strong - Provides a stronger building structure (compared to stick-built construction) 
  • Compliant - Cleveland SIPS Engineering Services can help you meet stringent local, national, and international building codes 
  • Efficient - Typical R-values of R-30 for walls, R-50 for roofs, and a continuous thermal envelope result in big energy savings 
  • Flexible - Compatible with all standard exterior and interior finishing including brick, wood siding, vinyl siding, steel siding, stucco, cement board, and drywall.​

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